Pulling In Fremont, California, Iron Crotch Grandmaster Tu Jin-Sheng used his penis to pull a rental truck several yards. In preparation for this feat, the man Kung Fu magazine called “a consummate artist, a shining wise warrior and a master of his own universe” had one of his assistants repeatedly kick his crotch for 10 minutes. “He’s very special. Powerful. Superman,” said an awestruck Shawnee Wang, who studies with Jin-Sheng at his gym in Cupertino.

Eating Apparently distraught over his erectile dysfunction, a man performed an auto-penectomy, and then ate his business. Ernesto Almonte, a Filipino man, wound up in stable condition at the Zamboanga City Medical Center in the southern Philippines.

Lifting A 55-year-old Chinese man lifted a 75 kg (165-pound) barbell for 10 seconds with his wang. The man said the skill is a branch of kung fu that is exclusive to his family, and that his father taught him the skill to help him get fit after a serious illness when he was 18.

Reconstituting A Russian urologist successfully reconstituted a coffinmaker’s penis after it was cut into six pieces by a circular saw.

Growing Also from Russia, another leap forward in urogenital surgery: A 30-year-old man grew a replacement penis on his arm until it was ready to be moved back to his crotch. The man, whose name was changed in the original Russian news article to protect his privacy, had a defect from birth — his penis was crooked, two-and-a-half inches long and lacked a scrotum.

Injecting Thailand’s Health Ministry released an official public warning earlier this year to the growing number of men (and, in some cases, schoolchildren) who were injecting their penises with olive oil, paraffin and Vaseline. In Southeast Asia, the practice is thought to increase size and stamina. “It can actually cause horrible deformities or cancer,” said Dr. Chatri Banchuin, chief of the Department of Medical Services.

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