How does the humpy dork differ from the geek? Geeks are insufferable. What makes the dorkus better is that he isn’t fully aware of his charms . . . Wouldn’t you say that it’s the dynamic of perfection prevailing over scar tissue that makes the humpy dork a veritable prodigal son? . . . Dorks rarely toot their own horn the way geeks have a tendency to do.

—Ron Athey and Vaginal Davis

There’s no question that L.A. has style to spare, from red-carpet razzle-dazzle to stoner surf chic and everything in between. More than anyplace else, the iconoclast rules . . . There are nearly as many definitions of what L.A. style is as there are people who live here. With enough confidence and
the right attitude, just about anything goes.

—Kateri Butler

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