RealestK’s rise to fame is a classic tale of the modern-day vocal artist, as he blew up overnight on TikTok. He dropped his hit song, WFM, a touching song about distances in relationships, on TikTok before he fell asleep and woke up to hundreds of thousands of views. “I woke up and it had like 300,00 views,” he reminisced. RealestK also admitted that he did not care for the song. His brother was the one who convinced him to post it that night.

RealestK’s vitality did not stop with WFM. He’s had steady momentum on the app since then, going viral again with his song “Toxic”. That song created one of the most popular trends on the internet this year, featuring content creators confessing their toxic traits over the hook of “Toxic”. Currently, there are over 100,000 videos created using his song. The Rockstar Lifestyle team had the chance to ask him about toxicity and whether or not he had enough of it to make his own “Toxic” video.

“In my personal experience with relationships, I have had toxic moments in a relationship,” RealestK began. “Not because I’m a toxic person, but because I was with a toxic person and I inherited their toxic traits. I could make some TikToks like everybody else, but I want to leave it to the creators and the fans right now.”

Rockstar Lifestyle asked him if he approved of a couple of the most popular videos made to his song. Hilarity ensued as RealestK and the Rockstar Lifestyle team judged TikToks about cheating, going through phones, and worse.

Despite his success on social media, RealestK’s musical career doesn’t begin and end with TikTok. As an 18-year-old artist from Toronto, RealestK is living the dream as one of the youngest artists running with SALXCO, one of the hottest management groups in the world, founded and based in Toronto. SALXCO is responsible for managing superstar artists like The Weeknd and Nav, both from Toronto as well. When RealestK exploded on socials, SALXCO was a natural fit.

“You got every label in the world hitting my inbox offering me numbers. Some of them didn’t even know my name,” he began. “I did everything from my basement. I was as normal as you could think. I went to high school.  I worked a 9 to 5 and I did music. I had foreign parents so it was new to them too. I had no one to help me.”

SALXCO reached out and Sal, one of their founders, even met with RealestK and his parents to discuss RealestK’s path, as opposed to spamming his inbox with numbers. This led to his signing to Columbia Records, his current label.

When asked what it feels like to be on a winning team like SALXCO, RealestK responded with determination and humility.

“Honestly I’m just grateful, I’m happy, I’m blessed. I’m humble too because this team is not just a ‘yes man’ team. In general, you have that a lot in music, and you don’t have a team to keep it real with you when things are hard or when things are large.”

Keep an eye out for RealestK on Instagram and TikTok, with the support and mentorship of SALXCO, it’s clear that he is cued up for more mainstream success. Give “Toxic” a listen, ruminate on your own toxicity, and make sure you check out his latest project “Dreams 2 Reality” available on all platforms.

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