First some breaking RHOBH news: though the late Russell Armstrong has been completely absent in season two thus far, Bravo will soon air footage of the marriage counseling sessions that went on between him and wife Taylor, RadarOnline reports.

Insert discussion here on the appropriateness level of this decision, or lack thereof. Taylor is apparently supportive of it, and if she's on board, then we're probably fine with it too. As we argued last week, she seems to be the one that needs protecting.

Our real question is when did Bravo decide it was OK to air this footage?

Perhaps when they noticed a 42% boost in the premiere's ratings? Anyhow, onto the recap.

Last week left us with the massive cliffhanger: will-Kim-or-won't-Kim make it to the Maloof private jet to join Adrienne and Paul for the last Sacramento Kings game of the season?

Kim's alibi for running late was some erratic story about her power going out and not being able to see to put her makeup on. (Despite the fact that it was daylight?) She also sounded like a straight nutcase on the phone, saying oddball lines like, “I love those planes over there,” and continually asking Adrienne and Paul, “Who is this?” (OK, first of all, if you're an hour late to your flight on a private jet, it's probably the private jet owners calling you. And secondly, you have caller ID, Kim. This is not 1995.)

Kim finally made it though, and off they all went, Kim flapping her lips the entire time, yapping some nonsense about hating to break her routine. And, of course, failing to notice the emotional toll the game was taking on Adrienne since her family was planning to move the team to another city.

The whole experience of annoying the bejesus out of Paul, Adrienne and the entire Kings security team left Kim far too exhausted to attend sister Kyle's pediatric cancer charity event the following night. But you know who sucked it up and went despite a broken foot and an even more broken reputation? Brandi f'ing Glanville. Here she is folks, finally. We knew she'd be making her entrance eventually this season, we just didn't know it would be with a cast on one foot and a 5-inch wedge heel on the other. How did she end up on crutches, by the way? By falling off another 5-inch heel. Priceless.

Brandi and Taylor are getting along, for now.; Credit:

Brandi and Taylor are getting along, for now.; Credit:

For those who don't follow US Weekly's every tweet, Brandi Glanville is the ex-wife of Eddie Cibrian, who had an affair with and later married Leann Rimes. And what's the best way to get revenge on a cheating husband? Show up on reality TV wearing a slutty, boobtastic top and refer to him as an “actor,” using air quotes. Booyah! Or, well, it would be if he weren't currently starring in megahit The Playboy Club, but who knows if a show about sex and murder is really going to last.

Naturally the Housewives didn't like Brandi. And by naturally, we mean because, as Paul pointed out, she's new, and she's pretty. Therefore, the ladies spent ample time huddling in a corner making fun of her. You know, like any middle-aged women would. However, another major strike against her is that she's apparently tight with Cedric, Lisa and Ken's double-crossing “permanent houseguest” from last season. It was Lisa, though, who spent the most time with her at the party, but you could tell despite her niceties that she was coiling up like a cobra, looking for a way to strike. Something tells us Brandi's got a rough road ahead of her this year. OK, the previews tell us that, but we're excited. We need some lighthearted cattiness around here.

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