Oh good. Another one of those housewives from one of those Bravo shows is finding a new hobby to make her life appear more relevant to society. First it was sex toys and now it's merkins, aka pubic wigs, aka fake vagina hair.

Confused? Here's a brief history of the merkin to catch you up to speed.

Cindy Barshop of “Real Housewives of NYC” owns Completely Bare body waxing salon and has discovered a way to make your pussy furry and send a figurative “fuck you” to Peta.

First came vagazzling and then came pejazzling – yep, gluing heart-shaped rhinestones above your cock – and now it's time for the Foxy Bikini.

For $225 rich women with too much free time and not enough attention can have their bikini lines waxed bare and kept warm with a merkin make of real fox fur.

Great idea.

There are color options, apparently, in classy neon shades worthy only of the highest-end stripper and if you're worried about wearing a formerly breathing four-legged creature on your cooch, there are feathered alternatives for $30 less!

Thank goodness?

LA Weekly