If you're stuck in the check-out line right now, you might want to look further than the latest issue of People — Lamar and Khloe are in Dallas anyway, so what do you care — and pick up the new Saveur. This month's issue is the Saveur 100, in which that magazine's editors pick out a hundred of their favorite foodish things. Restaurants, recipes, cookbooks, ingredients, chefs, kitchen tools, etc. etc.

This year's list is pegged as “The New Classics,” which in this case means everything from Brazilian confections (#1) to Zurich wine bars (#5) to the New Stockholm Cuisine (#40) to old issues of Gourmet (#66) to Frito pie (#85). One could go on, but why when you can read it in real life. There are also recipes for many of the items on the list, which is very, very cool. (Yes, that includes one for Frito pie.)

Oh, and the usual disclaimer that Saveur's editor-in-chief James Oseland was once, a very long time ago, an LA Weekly proofreader. Cheers.

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