OK, it's not out just yet, but it's good to get advance warning for some things. (Obama traffic, windstorms, certain NBA point guards.) On March 13, the third issue of Lucky Peach hits the stands and kitchen countertops and behind tsukemen bars (where Ikemen keeps theirs).

Lucky Peach, if you were oddly unaware, is the quarterly journal of food and recipes and varying whatsits published by McSweeney's and created by David Chang (you know who he is) and Peter Meehan. Each issue has a theme: The first was Ramen; the second “The Sweet Spot.” The third issue is the “Cooks and Chefs” issue,” in which Mario Batali remembers the early days of the Food Network; Naomi Duguid hangs out in Chiang Mai; Meredith Erickson stalks Fergus Henderson; and Christina Tosi (Momofuku's pastry chef and cookbook author) gives us her recipe for upside-down pineapple cake. Oh, and Anthony Bourdain and Harold McGee — and Chang himself, of course — will probably turn up somewhere.

LA Weekly