If your tonkotsu-stained pages of the first issue of Lucky Peach are no longer functioning reasonably well and you're tired of ramen (okay, right), you can get over to your nearest applicable bookstore (or Momofuku restaurant or Whole Foods) and buy a copy of the new food-as-lit magazine.

This is the second issue of the quarterly journal of food and writing, published by McSweeney's and created by Momofuku's David Chang, writer Peter Meehan (read our Q & A with him here), and Zero Point Zero Production, producers of No Reservations.

The theme for issue 2 is “The Sweet Spot,” or “the brief point when fruit is ripe, when a chef hits his stride, when foods like kimchi and miso are fermented to perfection, when it's crab season in Chesapeake Bay, or when you revisit home sweet home.”

Inside the swank pages you will also find Chang and Meehan eating in Kyoto, Copenhagen and Kentucky; Harold McGee discussing dry-aging; Tony Bourdain critiquing the classic Swayze movie Road House (why? why not); plus recipes, art, stories and random looks inside cool people's refrigerators. Oh, and stickers (Alton Brown apparently started a trend) for decorating fruit. Happy reading.

P.S. The Lucky Peach iPad application is in the works. So take some pictures of food with your iPad and be patient.

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