Venice Beach is famous for many things, among them glistening meatheads pumping iron at Muscle Beach, hippies parked on grassy dunes exhaling plumes of herbal smoke, and throngs of European tourists snapping photos of both. Now we can add news of an FDA raid of Venice-based Rawsome Foods, a raw-food co-op — run by local hippies, no less — that was selling raw goat's, sheep's, cow's and even camel's milk. Eater and Stephen Colbert covered the original story quoting Rawsome employees who said, “The [FDA agents] drew their guns, acting as if it was a serious activity that was going on here. They asked everyone to line up against the back wall and frisked each of us.” Why the raid? The FDA claims that raw milk has led to serious illness and even death, hence the SWAT-team style invasion. Rawsome's security cameras caught footage of the raid, which we've posted above. Check it out for yourself.

LA Weekly