USC's president this week warned students to stay away from raves, which take place four times a year at the adjacent Coliseum and Sports Arena.

The events have earned public scrutiny after a 15-year-old ecstasy overdose victim attended Electric Daisy Carnival at the Coliseum in June. A USC student dropped six floors form an on-campus residential building following a rave-like Halloween event last year and suffered critical injuries.

USC honcho C. L. Max Nikias urged students to avoid the parties that have otherwise been approved begrudgingly by the public Coliseum Commission.

In a letter to students about “health, safety and well-being,” Nikias states:

” … I wish to warn you about a specific danger that has become increasingly

prevalent in the City of Los Angeles: raves. Occasionally, these are held close to our

campuses, often at the Coliseum or the Shrine, and they present serious risks to all who

attend. Ecstasy, which is common at raves, produces a number of adverse reactions that

may include disorientation, anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks, and hallucinations. These

reactions, even in mild forms, can create a ripple effect of dangers that lead to

catastrophic consequences. (Visit the USC Drug Free website for additional information

and resources.)”

Nikias notes that he has two children of his own attending the university:

” … With the collective support of the university's senior administration-and as the father of two USC students-I strongly discourage your participation in rave events.”

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