In our cover story this week, Jeff Weiss investigates the life and times of rapper Game, finding the prankster and West coast hip hop titan to be “an open book with an unreliable narrator.” With his fourth record The R.E.D. Album released last Tuesday, Game could have another big one on his hands. The work is projected to sell just shy of 100,000 units, and, depending on how Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch The Throne holds up, it could go to number one.

It's an exciting time for Jayceon Taylor, and we're covering the hometown anti-hero more thoroughly than anyone. Which isn't to say that the models flanking him in our photo shoot were particularly covered; in fact, other than gold paint and pasties, they weren't covered at all. (You can see for yourself in this exclusive video from our cover photo shoot.)

We've also got a brand new eight-minute clip of Game in motion, talking with Weiss during a recent press junket and driving around town in his fancy Benz. It's a very impressive behind-the-scenes look at Game, and features him describing some traumatic moments from his childhood, such as when his mom ran into his dad with a car, and the time he was shot up in his apartment. The video, produced by Jeff Weiss, Jon Casey, and Forest Casey — who also did teamed up for that amazing Quik video — is below.

Directed by Jon Casey.

Director of Photography Forest Casey.

Produced by Jeff Weiss, Jon Casey, and Forest Casey.

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