What's in a name? Ask MyRapName, a Web site that automatically generates a rap-singer identity for you after you enter your first name and last initial. We did this with the names of some Los Angeles' leading statesmen and stateswomen — just in case they require more street cred for their next election. One suspicious drawback: You'll get a different rap moniker every time you enter the same name. Below, we went with the first name offered.

1. Antonio Villaraigosa: AA Doom
2. Steve Cooley: SC Scratch
3. Laura Chick: Laurie C Sugar Slam
4. William Bratton:  Willy Hitman
5. Gloria Molina: Slim Gloria G Nugget a.k.a. Wild Grind
6. Eli Broad: E Cash
7. Janice Hahn: Wild Jannie H Brat
8. Jack Weiss: Professor JJ Glide
9. Rocky Delgadillo: Mugshot R Rocky Shark
10. Mike Antonovich: MM Biggie a.k.a. Capricious Dog

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