Los Angeles has one of the most intractable homeless populations in the nation. Its Skid Row is the Skid Row. In Venice, people have taken to living in RVs. The real estate crisis has put people on the streets, plain and simple. But who knew times were so hard that even Hollywood actors were having a hard time keeping a roof over their heads?

For the second time in a year Randy Quaid and wife Evi were arrested on suspicion of an accommodations-related crime. This time the Quaids were allegedly caught over the weekend squatting in the guest house of a Santa Barbara area home they once owned — and they reportedly claimed they were still the owners.

Nearly a year ago they pair was arrested after they allegedly skipped out on a $10,000 hotel bill in Santa Barbara. Charges in that case were eventually dropped against Randy, but Evi got probation and community service.

In the latest case, someone looking after the home called authorities after finding the Quaids in a guest house. The pair is alleged to have told authorities they owned the home. But a check turned out to prove that the current owner had it since 2007, though the Quaids had owned it some time before that.

So how do you find yourself in repeated, shelter-related trouble when you're a Hollywood star with an IMDB list of credits that should represent dozens if not hundreds of royalty checks hitting your mailbox each month? Drugs? Bernie Madoff? Hanging out with Nicolas Cage?

It's a buyer's market, Randy. Get yourself a nice little condo and lay low for a while.

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