Avatar was made for some where around 43 gazillion dollars (give or take a bazillion), but even with all that money, the Ferngully remake doesn't approach the drama of a love triangle involving a bunny, a duck, and some sort of Koalamouse. Artist Elena Megalos' short, featuring a soundtrack by L.A.'s Random Patterns, is sorta of like Dorian Gray meets Gumby meets As The World Turns. And it is deeply emotional and introspective. Sure it's no Svankmajer, but the emotion is ever-present as bills kiss whiskers, and alienation grows as Edward, the pink bunny, becomes more involved with his art. And maybe a female of another species.

Random Patterns has a busy 2010, recording their new album but enjoy some free MP3's, and the intense emotion of interspecies infidelity after the jump.

random patterns – corruption in the licorice den [M4a]

Random Patterns – Drowning in Midgets [M4a

Download their album, Creatures of Teeth

And, what the hell, here's some Gumby for you:

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