Is it soup yet? Definitely. Today, although it looks beautiful and white-capped under the gloomy skies, Santa Monica Bay is teeming with toxins and filth, big-time, because a fairly heavy rain hit the city this morning following months of drought. And that rainfall washed God-knows-what kind of built-up crap off the streets, roofs and yards of the city.

Main thing to remember is: stay the hell out of the water. Keep the kids and dogs away.

Here's how utterly gross the ocean waters off of Los Angeles are today. Don't read this next bit  if you have an easily tripped gag response:

As quoted today by City News Service, Matthew King, of the enviro group Heal the Bay, says that 70 major outfalls are currently spewing “man-made debris,

animal waste, pesticides, automotive fluids and human-gastrointestinal viruses

into the marine ecosystem.” 

A vast 2,800-mile-long storm drain system diverts rainwater to the ocean to

prevent flooding. Decades ago, devastating seasonal floods used to leave much of Los Angeles in standing water, but the storm drains ended that problem and created another one.

L.A. does a lot of things in a very big way. In this case, it's a very big toilet. If you do come in contact with the Pacific Ocean in the next few days, better use a hand sanitizer.

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