Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello has been playing with The Coup's Boots Riley as Street Sweeper Social Club for a few years now (Morello's minimum wage working-class fetish seems a staple of his side-projects: Street Sweeper, Nightwatchman–it's just a matter of time until he unveils funk-fusion combo Surly Barista).

The NME reports that Morello has announced the imminent release of Street Sweeper Social Club's EP The Ghetto Blaster, which includes their version of MIA's “Paper Planes”. Morello and Riley have been playing the song live to immediate audience recognition.

How did they pick that particular song to cover? Morello's baffling explanation is that they wanted “to slay the goth children.”

Wait, what?

From the NME:

“I said, 'Boots [Riley]! We need a hot cover to slay the goth children!',” he said jokingly. “'Paper Planes' and two Justin Bieber songs, so we went with 'Paper Planes.'”

Any idea what Tom meant? Tom? “Slay” as in “please them tremendously” or as in “what Buffy does to vampires”? (either way it doesn't make much sense).

LA Weekly