[UPDATE, 7/21: Read all about Zack de la Rocha's press conference announcing the show here.]

We just received an announcement from LiveNation that “Sound Strike – Zack de la Rocha's organization to protest AZ's immigration law – will have a benefit show at the Palladium on July 23. Rage Against The Machine, in their first LA-proper date in ten years, will perform.”

Sound Strike issued a press release about the event through their website:

LOS ANGELES, CA: In their first concert in their hometown of Los Angeles in 10 years, Rage Against the Machine will take the stage at the Hollywood Palladium on July 23rd, 2010 to support organizations combating SB 1070, law set to go into effect July 29th. Projected proceeds from the concert along with donations raised by The Sound Strike are expected to exceed over $300,000.

This will provide much needed resources to community organizations, student groups, legal defense funds and assist activists targeting key voting districts for voter registration. These two organizations need immediate assistance to fight SB1070 on the ground: Puente, Arizona, and The Florence Project.

Puente, Arizona has been recognized as an organization that has stood on the frontlines in the struggle for civil and human rights in Arizona for years. Puente Arizona has been instrumental in community outreach that has produced the largest public mobilizations against SB 1070. Known for their tireless community organizing, Puente Arizona works directly with communities who will be most affected by SB 1070.

The Florence Project provides and coordinates free legal services, and related social services to the men, women, and unaccompanied children detained in Arizona for immigration removal proceedings. The Florence Project strives to ensure that detained individuals have access to council, understand they're rights under immigration law, and are treated fairly and humanely by our judicial system.

The concert is part of a week of national actions culminating in the July 29th day of noncompliance in resistance to the law's date of enactment. For more information about the week of national action go to www.altoarizona.com.

For more information about upcoming concert events to help defend immigrant rights go to www.thesoundstrike.net.

Marco Amador, The Sound Strike 213.215.0738

press@thesoundstrike.net | www.thesoundstrike.net

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