Raditatical: A Performance of Rhythm

Raditatical: a unique hybrid performance sensation, stars the world's only rhythmic juggling beatboxer, Bronkar Lee (Tonight Show, America’s Got Talent). It's and directed by Ameenah Kaplan (STOMP!, Blue Man Group) and choreographed by Simon Chalban (America’s Got Talent). The show utilizes a six-person ensemble who beatbox, juggle, tapdance, and play on all sorts of percussion instruments in a one-of-a-kind performance. It also features an all star cast: Aaron Williams (L.A. Ironworks), Melinda Sullivan (So You Think You Can Dance), Paul Newman (Boss Loop World Champion), Scotty Lund (L.A. Laker Band,) and Andrew Pulkrabek (Bassist for The Senate). Here's a look at the preview we caught last Saturday at the Hollywood Montalban. All photos by Star Foreman.

LA Weekly