Read Randall Roberts' review of last night's Radiohead show at the Fonda here. View Timothy Norris' slide show here.

Here is the set list for tonight's epic Radiohead show at the Music Box at the Henry Fonda Theater, which was a benefit for Oxfam International's work in Haiti. They made, according to Yorke (who prefaced the number with a shocked “fuck me!”): $572,754. We'll have a review up shortly, but figured you'd all like to see what the hell they played.

Faust Arp

Fake Plastic Trees


National Anthem


Karma Police

Kid A

Morning Bell

How To Disappear Completely

Wolf at the Door

The Bends



Body Snatchers

Dollars & Cents


Exit Music (For a Film)

encore #!

Everything In Its Right Place

You and Whose Army?

Pyramid Song

All I Need

encore #2

Lotus Flower

Paranoid Android

Street Spirit

Review to come. And there were a bunch of people taking videos, so we'll troll for those tonight, too. and put them here.

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