Radhika Gupta-Buckley Inspiring Humanity Through Art

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When looking for true inspirational and motivational art, there is no need to look further than Radhika Gupta-Buckley. Radhika is a New York based lawyer-turned artist, now a working mom, who has a strong passion for breaking the bureaucratic barriers that cause pain and injustice in the world through her art.

She channels her passion, frustration and liberation through her art and hopes to enlighten and educate others on cultural issues. Her art is greatly inspired from her Delhi, Indian heritage and by her grandfather, who was also a lawyer. She is able to balance motherhood and working effortlessly and enjoys what life brings to her.

Radhika was blessed to discover her love of art at the ripe age of six years old and states that “Constantly traveling and being exposed to different cultures allowed me to experience new ideas and influences, and my art became a secret language I would use to communicate with myself. We enjoyed traveling as a family, so I’d describe my upbringing as the perfect mix of East and West, combining the rich cultural heritage of India with a global perspective.”

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As Radhika’s love for art remained, she decided to pursue a career in law by getting her degree at the prestigious University of Oxford.​ This led to an amazing career of practicing law at The Supreme Court of India and the UN in The Hague. Her inspiration for her life as a lawyer stemmed from her grandfather. “My biggest inspiration is my grandfather. He was an exceptional lawyer, righteous, and always in service of people,” Radhika says.

After leaving her law career she gained all the inspiration that she ever needed and confidence to pursue her passion for art when she held her first exhibit in 2017 that was inaugurated by the Cultural Minister of India. And ever since she stated that “I never looked back.” Notable shows that followed included: her first solo show in  LA (Oct 2021) and the art show of all shows, Art Basel, Miami (Dec 2022).

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Radhika uses her art pieces as her voice to fight the injustices of the World. She says “I reverted back to art to inform, educate, and enlighten on cultural issues, from equality, gender bias, sexuality, race, and prejudice across nations and cultures. I aim to use art to be a voice for the silenced and oppressed.” 

Radhika’s indulges in her creative process by taking inspiration from her Indian culture. She feels enamored with the beauty of India. Radhika sharing art pieces can become a very vulnerable and personal exchange with the world. She says, “There’s always been an internal tug of war, the more reserved creative against the version pushing my boundaries to claim the things I like aloud without the fear of judgment. When you put your art out into the world, a certain nakedness is required, and I’m still adjusting to it. As I learn to be more fearless, I adopt a more vulnerable and overt way of interacting with the world, which shows in my work. Earnestness is a privilege and something to work towards, and I’m constantly striving to achieve that in my art.”

When Radhika isn’t making precious memories as a mom or painting her next life changing piece, she enjoys donating her art for a good cause. She recently donated her painting “Drink Your Tea” to the Little Red School auction (LREI). She also enjoys checking out all that the Manhattan art district has to offer and enjoys other artist paintings too.

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One thing to leave you with from Radhika, is her very inspiring and motivational motto: “Always remain defiant and challenge the status quo. I am a risk-taker and always have been.“

Some upcoming shows to watch for Radhika at this year include:  Auction: Lifeway Network non-profit gala(Nicky Hilton is an ambassador and previously auctioned one of her pieces) at The University Club on May 11th, Auction: The Glass House, 2023 Summer Party on June 10th, Group show: Schloss Gorne, Berlin (Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery) on July 8th– 9th and a Solo show: Band of Vices, LA on September 23rd for four weeks.

To find out more about Radhika and her upcoming projects, click here.

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