Have we learned nothing from Famous Food? Only disaster can come from letting half-wit D-listers anywhere near a set of knives. Shouldn't the fact that a New Jersey Housewife is now part owner of a Hollywood restaurant teach us we should leave culinary arts to professionals? Unfortunately Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri just couldn't leave well enough alone.

On January 1st, the Food Network will premiere Rachael v. Guy Celebrity Cook-Off, a six-episode, elimination-style series in which Ray and Fieri host teams of celebrities in a battle to see who can out-cook the rest.

Who are these alleged celebs, you ask?

Let's see: Alyssa Campanella, Aaron Carter, Coolio, Taylor Dayne, Joey Fatone, Cheech Marin, Lou Diamond Phillips and Summer Sanders, divided in half into “Team Rachael” and “Team Guy.” Check them out in action in this trailer:

We're taking bets on how often Aaron Carter has to hold a sheet pan in front of his crotch while Miss USA is around, if you know what we mean.

Though we're skeptical of the contestants' culinary skills, trainwrecks are always fun to watch. Plus they're playing for charity — $50,000 to the organization of their choice — so good on them for that.

Rachael v Guy Celebrity Cook-Off premieres Sunday, Jan. 1 at 9 p.m. on the Food Network.

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