The lives of hundreds of L.A. Unified School District teachers under investigation for misconduct in the classroom are about to get slightly easier. LAUSD is ending the practice of housing teachers in rubber rooms, aka teacher jails, aka rooms where you sit around all day doing nothing while still getting full pay.

Starting May 27, according to the website LA School Report, teachers will be allowed to while away the hours in the comfort of their homes – under house arrest, if you will.

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The district has, for years, kept hundreds of teachers at a time away from contact with students. Many have no idea what they're being investigated for – it could be anything from showing up to work drunk to gently pinching a child on the elbow. Many (though not all) of these teachers claimed they were innocent, even as the district moved to fire them – a lengthy, expensive process unless the teacher agrees to leave.

Some teachers under investigation were already being paid to be “housed” in their own homes, and technically not allowed to leave during school hours, although this was difficult to enforce. Now, that will be the norm for teachers under investigation by the school district. 

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