Venice surf shops were burglarized and vandalized over the weekend.

The corporate newcomer to the liberal, beach-side community, Quiksilver Boardriders Club, was treated to a wash of white paint so thick that you couldn't even see inside its windows, one observer told us.

A Quiksilver employee told the Weekly it happened …

… late Saturday night, early Sunday morning.

The damage at the store at Abbot Kinney and Venice boulevards looked like someone “released the paint from a fire extinguisher,” the worker told us.

The website Yo! Venice! reported that vandals also painted the words “hose” and “go home” on the building.

Wow. Still, the shop was up and running Sunday morning.

And while you might suspect the competition, perhaps unhappy with this rare corporate invasion (go to Huntington Beach if you want surf-shop mega-stores), we would note that the Club has gone out of its way to carry apparel and boards from locals such as Venice Originals and shaper Scott Anderson.

And, not to be outdone, the local (loco?) locals' surf and skate shop, Venice Originals, was hit by a burglar early yesterday morning.

Originals shop hand Rick Nishiyama told the Weekly that a “drunk, homeless lady” was arrested in connection with the 3 a.m. break in at the shop at 1525 Pacific Ave.

The suspect broke the store's “main window” and tried to make off with some shirts, he said. But alert neighbors heard glass breaking and called the police, who detained a woman quickly, Nishiyama said.


LA Weekly