Last Friday, Obama insider and spokeswoman Linda Douglass called Frontiers News Editor Karen Ocamb out of the blue, telling the longtime lesbian journalist that gays need to see the “big picture” when it comes to the Rick Warren invitation. 

Right: Linda Douglass
(Photo: HuffingtonPost)

Ocamb wrote about the conversation for the Huffington Post last night, and after reading the piece, you get the distinct impression that Douglass and her boss, President-elect Barack Obama, refuse to understand why gays are so upset these days.  The arrogance on display is simply mind-boggling.

The only bright spot about the Warren/Obama controversy, which I've mentioned before, is that now we know where we stand with the new administration before it has even taken over the White House. As of today, Obama has told us by his actions, gays will not stand in the way of his political agenda–no matter how valid the argument.

Obama should be careful. The same Facebook/Internet base that propelled him to victory over Hillary Clinton and John McCain can easily turn against him, and they are very involved in the Post-Prop. 8 fight, organizing demonstrations and protests throughout the country.  

Whatever happens, Douglass's call to Ocamb shows Obama's people are obviously concerned about some kind of backlash against their boss. But that's the problem. What gays think and feel is not in the political equation at all…it's only about Obama. On Friday, December 19, with a call to a Los Angeles journalist, the gays were officially put on notice.

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