[UPDATE, May 5: It's minor country star/attractive lady Chely Wright who came out today (who has those 2 things in common with Shania Twain–see list below)! More here.]

NOT coming out on 5/5: Queen Latifah

NOT coming out on 5/5: Queen Latifah

Word got out that a celebrity will be coming out on May 5, possibly on the cover of People magazine. Rampant speculation started on popular site Jezebel and other internet founts of gossip and innuendo. Then, the Queer Town column in the LA Weekly's LA Daily blog added another piece of the puzzle:

So if you're trying to pin down who will be the next celebrity

coming out of the closet on May 5, we heavily suggest you think music, not

TV, film, or sports.

At that point a majority of virtual eyes turned in the direction of singer/actress/impresaria Queen Latifah, who for some reason is thought by a large number of people to be not completely open about personal matters.

And though we don't really have any idea what Latifah's sexual orientation is, we can tell the guessers with 99.99% certainty that the closeted musical celebrity coming out on May 5 is NOT Queen Latifah.

(The 00.01% we're reserving on the odd chance that Latifah ALSO happens to decide to share her truth, whatever that is, on May 5.)

Now, back to the guessing game for you guys. We know who it is. But we're not telling. Ah, confidentiality…

Here's a quick list of other people who are NOT coming out on May 5:

* Pope Benedict

* Richard Simmons

* Sesame Street¹s Big Bird

* Michelle Obama

* Shania Twain

* Bob Seger

* Liberace (R.I.P.)

* Ricky Martin

* Joan Jett

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