Queen Bee-B is That Girl: Bee-B, the Compton artist formerly known at Brittany B with two Grammy wins under her belt, has released a new video for the song “That Girl.”

A low key swinger, the song is an ode to B’s life, and self-improvement. “Sometimes I wish that I could put my pride aside, want to see it from the other side, I was that girl, I didn’t care, about the people that would stop and stare, or would you judge you by the things you wear,” she croons.

The video switches between B working in a diner then as a pole dancer, and finally to her spending time with her guy.

According to the press release, “Directed by Christopher Felix (Reggie Becton, Mereba, BirdsOfParadise), ‘That Girl’ is a remarkably candid visual anecdote about how to overcome feeling like you’re not enough. In the video, Bee-B hustles by day and dances by night. Letting go of her inhibitions, she transitions from concerned to confident, showing the power behind living up to your own beauty standard. And in return, the Compton crooner is fully immersed in a renewed sense of self-assurance.”

See for yourself below.

Queen Bee-B is That Girl: Bee-B’s “That Girl” is out now.











































































































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