I ignored the “Gettin' Up” remix featuring Eve because well, it's an Eve song in the year 2008 and that fact seems explanation enough. Naturally, I couldn't apply the same logic to the subsequent Apple Juice Kid remix featuring the legendary, Camp Lo, who I can continue to ride for since they sagaciously switched back to their original name (after an ill-fated experiment with “The Lo.”)

I've always been slightly more partial to Sonny Cheeba but Geechie Suede kills it here, with a slick, sybaritic strut about “tiger-skin sofas, charms on chokers, love the way the lemonade lemon lay on the loafers/after 7, still drinking happy hour/pineapple apple martini/apple sour.” Let's just focus on the alliteration at hand and try to ignore the fact that he's openly admitting to swilling apple martinis. Who knew that Camp Lo were huge Sex and the City fans?

Download: (h/t Nah Right)

MP3: Q-Tip ft. Camp Lo-“Gettin' Up (Remix)”

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