It's pumpkin season again, in the fields and on front porches and at local farmers markets, where next Wednesday the Santa Monica farmers market will be holding its annual all-you-can-carry pumpkin patch. It's pretty self-explanatory: pay $5 and load up with as many pumpkins as you can carry (“balance them on your head, in your arms or dangle them from your teeth, at your own risk”), walk down a 25-foot runway, and they're yours. The farmers will unload the pumpkins and you can heft and carry next week, October 28th, during normal market hours, 8:30 until 1:30, or until the pumpkins are gone. 1 trip per person. Bring somebody to help you carry, if not in the beginning, then at least to your car. Costumes “are welcome” but not required. (Last year, there were lots of people in costumes, so don't be a wuss: get out your pirate or Dick Cheney costume early.)

Also, this Saturday, the 24th, there will be free pumpkin decorating for kids at the Santa Monica Pico Farmers Market. Consider it a warm-up for Halloween, and a reminder of how many you may need to carry away the following Wednesday.

Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers Market: Arizona Avenue and 2nd Street, Santa Monica. Saturday Santa Monica Farmers Market: Virginia Avenue Park

Cloverfield Blvd. and Pico Blvd., Santa Monica.

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