Strap on your space helmets, there's an interstellar psychedelic occurrence brewing at Spaceland next Friday. Tee Pee records, purveyors of the finest sludge, stoner, and psychedelic rock this side of 1979, presents a night of big guitars and slow-motion headbanging. Featuring the epic anthems of Ancestors, Intronaut's ear-bursters, and the dark world of Black Math Horseman, this mind-expanding lineup will offer a ticket to the 4th dimension. Especially if that dimension is located inside a van. Definitely bring a spare pair of trousers, because your pants should be blown directly off your person with the sheer magnitude of rockness.

Hold on to your butts!

[Ancestors Mp3 and Intronaut media dump after the jump.]

Ancestors – Antler Wings [mp3]

Holy Mother of God.

Ladies and gentlemen, Intronaut:

Not to mention, Black Math Horseman. Damn.

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