PROVEN Skincare’s Groundbreaking Patent on Skincare Personalization Is a ‘Necessity’ for Innovation in the Beauty Industry

Beauty consumers take note – the age of customized skincare products is here. In exciting news, PROVEN Skincare, the AI-powered, technology-first skincare brand who is making strides in the way we rethink how skincare formulations are created and sold, recently shared that they have been granted a groundbreaking U.S. patent, the first of its kind in skincare.

PROVEN Skincare Granted First-Ever Patent on Skincare Personalization

The United States Patent 11, 328, 338 protects any skincare personalization process where an algorithm is used and a customer receives personalized outputs. PROVEN has cornered the market, and the patent protects their ability to continuously monitor changes in customers’ lifestyles and skin health such as geographical location, age and life changes, and to adjust the final products and skincare recommendations in real-time.

Although consumers have seen widespread personalization in other realms, especially technology, this particular patent covers the first instance of personalization ever in skincare.

“Personalization is not easy; it requires the best technology, a world-class team, and constant innovation,” said PROVEN’s CEO Ming Zhao. And that’s just what PROVEN Skincare has done with assembling a world-class team to embark upon creating custom products using the power of the largest skincare database ever in existence.

PROVEN’s Skin Genome Database Is the Largest in the World

Created by PROVEN’s co-founder Dr. Amy Yuan, the Skin Genome database has more than 1 million crowdsourced entries and its AI uses machine learning to analyze 100,000-plus different beauty product ingredients paired with over 25 million customer reviews and post-purchase surveys. The database is the most powerful precision skin health tool in existence today.

“For the beauty industry, this actually should have happened long ago, as personalization in medical care has long been the norm,” continued Zhao. “So this patent is the first step in the U.S. patent office recognizing the legitimacy as well as a necessity for this technology and innovation in the skincare and beauty industry.”

When PROVEN’s co-founder Amy Yuan built the Skin Genome Project, she leveraged AI to identify the ingredients and formulations that would work best for her skin type, based on all available journals, reviews and customer testimonials available online. Without AI, she would not have been able to sift through the data herself, which makes AI a valuable tool for researching, compiling and predicting a customer’s needs.

Skincare Innovations Intersect With AI and Machine Learning

Zhao continued, “The PROVEN team has spent years perfecting skincare personalization unlike anything ever available to consumers before and we have developed innovative technology that allows us to offer personalized products unique to the individual, improving their skin and overall well being.”

As artificial intelligence continues to intersect with the beauty industry, PROVEN Skincare continues to innovate its personalized skincare system, and was even recently awarded Best Use of Technology at the 2022 Glossy Beauty Awards.

If it sounds like what PROVEN has accomplished is a large task, that’s because it is. “Bringing that precision and approach to mainstream retail is not simple, and we at PROVEN are attracted to hard tasks,” Zhao said. “In fact, we have another patent pending for bringing personalization into retail.”

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