As if “Avatar” didn't hit us over the head hard enough, director James Cameron is taking his devotion to Mother Nature a step further by pumping $1 million into the campaign against California's Proposition 23, the Sacramento Bee reports.

The proposition would suspend the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, which requires that the state's greenhouse-gas emissions be cut to 1990 levels by 2020. In other words, it would throw all steps toward righting California's crimes against the universe directly out the window. (Or out the hole in the ozone, to be precise.)

But not even the richest director in the world can wage war against the contributions of Texas oil companies Valero and Tesoro:

They've already invested over $4.5 million into the “Yes” campaign, according to the California Majority Report. Supporters are using the “Jobs First” card to argue that the gas-emissions cap is affecting business so much that they can't take on new hires. (Dissenters argue back: In the meantime, green jobs have skyrocketed.)

This time around, Cameron can't enlist an army of exotic Na'vi creatures to swoop in for the final say.

Apparently, David Arquette also supports Prop. 19

Apparently, David Arquette also supports Prop. 19

He will, however, get some help from David Arquette, once-respected “Scream” actor who recently saw his dissolved marriage and trashy rebound smeared onto tabloids across America. Perhaps in part to improve box-office numbers for 2011's “Conception” and “Scream 4,” Arquette will travel to Sacramento today to unveil his DIY contribution to the “No” campaign: short video “You Can't Bully California”. We'll have the sucker up as soon as it debuts on YouTube.

Other Hollywood contributions to the cause include Robert Redford's automated message and a TV spot from the dude that played Lt. Martin Castillo on '80s TV show “Miami Vice.”

Oh, and then there's that Schwarzenegger fellow, who signed the Global Warming Solutions Act in the first place. Maybe the million-dollar pledge is Cameron's way of making sure the governator returns to the studio for “True Lies 2” as soon as this whole politics thing is over.

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