Prop. 19 has created some interesting coalitions of groups in favor and opposed.

Josh Richman of the Oakland Tribune provides a handy guide to who is for and against.


California Young Democrats, which is an official arm of the party, though the state party has remained neutral; Republican Liberty Caucus, the party's Paulite, libertarian wing; California chapter of the NAACP, which points to higher marijuana possession arrest rates for blacks even though there's evidence African-Americans smoke at lower rates than whites; the ACLU, which points to the same data; United Food and Commercial Workers, which may see the possibility of organizing workers in the new out-of-the-shadows marijuana marketplace.


Candidates for governor and attorney general: No surprise here, as it would take a candidate off-message and be too easy to caricature. Jerry Brown, however, may need to consider how to get Prop. 19 voters to vote for him by some sort of signaling. Law enforcement, though, interestingly, a black police officers association endorsed Prop 19 last week; Mothers Against Drunk Driving, which is understandable given that California would be allowing a new legal intoxicant that could wind up hurting and killing drivers; the Chamber of Commerce, which fears the effect on the workplace; and, apartment owners, who don't want people growing in their closets.

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