The final installment of the month-long Thursday documentary series at the Silent Movie Theater is tonight, and it's one hell of a double feature.

John Maringouin has made two documentaries, and Cinefamily is showing them both: Big River Man, about a fifty-ish, wine-guzzling Slovenian who attempts to swim the Amazon ostensibly to make a point about rain forests; and Running Stumbled, a chronicle of a visit Maringouin paid his drug addict father in pre-Katrina New Orleans, after an estrangement of 25 years. Man won an award at Sundance last year; Stumbled, which played festivals in 2006 (reviewing it at CineVegas, Variety's Robert Koehler called it “a digital video phantasmagoria of disorienting stylistics and mind-altering imagery” that “makes the term 'dysfunctional family' quaint and insufficient”) remains undistributed and is rarely seen. I've been wanting to see it for ages, so I'm very excited.

The Stumbled trailer is above; Ella Taylor's review of Big River Man lives here.

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