We've seen buses, trains and even cop cars vandalized by taggers.

But private jets? Yes, graffiti artists have aimed their spray cans at L.A.'s 1 percenters.

It happened at Van Nuys Airport late Sunday or early Monday, police at Los Angeles World Airports said.

“What happened was last night or this morning someone cut through the perimeter fence, entered the facility and graffitied three private aircraft in the southeast corner of the airfield,” Officer Rob Pedregon told us yesterday afternoon.

Authorities believe it happened between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. The story was first reported by Andrew Blankstein of NBC News.

Three jets, all in one hangar, were tagged, Pedregon said. The victims included two Gulfstreams and one Boeing, he said.

Because the Federal Aviation Administration regulates traffic at the airport, the FBI has joined the airport police to investigate the fly-by-night artwork, Pedregon said.

Damage to two of the planes was estimated at $3,500 each, he said. The other was still being assessed.

We asked Pedregon if detectives would be looking at security video. “They're looking at everything,” he said.

Van Nuys Airport, often used as a location for television's Entourage, is the hub for Hollywood elites using private transportation. Santa Monica Airport is another hot spot for personal aircraft, but it might be too small for some of the big-baller jets parked at Van Nuys.

Names of the owners or frequent flyers in the case of the vandalized jets were not available.

In 2013 another private jet was tagged. A photo of it is at the top of the story.