If you are in your 30’s and getting fat, out of shape with low physical strength what it used to be in your teenage. Exercise and working make you feel exhausted; then you might be low in testosterone. Fortunately, there is a solution called Prime Male that can boost men’s testosterone levels naturally.

Prime male is an all-natural male enhancement supplement designed to elevates your testosterone levels so that one can reclaim his stamina and vitality. Rated among the best testosterone booster by various men’s journals, prime male have been well known to have positive effects on male libido, sex drive, and stamina. Prime male changes your life with the loss of excess weight, improve mood and enhance cognitive function.

Prime male testosterone booster’s natural ingredients will give you the strength and stamina you need to perform continuously, whether its bed or day-to-day work. Prime male provides overall benefits, including boosting your immunity, cardiovascular health and fight against fatigue and low self-esteem. 12-Clinically approved testosterone booster ingredients work continuously to restore your T-levels to what it used to be in your teenager.

Testosterone plays a major role inside the body and is responsible for most of the masculine traits in men, like muscle mass, fertility, and stamina. Testosterone hormone produced by gonads in body is responsible for the development of secondary sexual characteristics inside a man. Lack of testosterone can affect sperm and red blood cell generation.

Weight gain, fatigue, muscle tone loss, and lack of interest in sex are clear indications of low testosterone. Read this Prime Male review to discover more about testosterone and the way to boost it naturally.

Prime Male Review: Product Overview

When you heard about testosterone, what comes to your mind? Sex? To your surprise, testosterone does more than what you think inside your body. Testosterone is a key male hormone that regulates secondary sexual characteristics with muscle mass, bone density, and energy. Prime male testosterone booster is a natural and most effective way to reclaim your energy and stamina.

Prime male can help you against tiredness, worn out, and running out of energy. It is well known to facilitate rapid muscle growth, mitigates mood swings, forestall erectile dysfunction, and improves libido.

Prime Male red pills can help you enter a new world of testosterone-rich vitality. It can boost your testosterone by 42% in just 12 days. Prime male can make you feel and perform in bed as you are in your prime years. It can boost your testosterone level to what you were in your 20’s.

Prime Male boosts your testosterone levels and makes your sex life a whole new experience, but the major benefit can be the change in your perspective on how you look into your body. Stronger lean muscles, No stubborn fat, Optimal cardiovascular health, rise in immunity and confidence. Testosterone is related to intercourse power and plays a crucial role in sperm production. It makes you wake up fully refreshed and go to your bed calm and relaxed each night.

Prime Male is a natural formula consisting of 12 of the most sought ingredients in testosterone booster supplements. No other supplement gives you all 12 of these essential ingredients in the form of a single pill. With prime male, you can naturally achieve weight loss, lean muscles, and workout goals without being restricted to a strict diet and regular exercise.

Lack of libido and desire for sex, energy, and stamina are sure signs of low testosterone, and sooner or later, these problems can catch up to you, disrupting your personal and social life. Prime Male is a revolutionary testosterone booster, can help people with low testosterone. As we finish this Prime Male review, you will definitely want to try it once.

Product Name Prime Male
Category Testosterone Booster
Ingredients added D-Aspartic Acid, Bioperine, Korean Red Ginseng, and more
Consumption route Oral pills
Dosage 4 pills a day
Quantity 120 capsules per bottle
Result period 1-2 months minimum
Side effects No major effects reported
Prime Male cost $69 per bottle
Purchase access Only through Prime Male Official website


Is Prime male a good testosterone booster?

Prime Male is created by a UK-based multinational manufacturing firm that focuses on natural health and body science. Roar Ambition Ltd., the manufacturer of prime male is a pioneer company in producing advanced natural health supplements based on its top-notch, scientifically driven formulations.

Since its inception, Prime male testosterone booster is among the top-selling testosterone booster and had generated amazing results with no major side effects. It is initially marketed as a testosterone booster for men over 30 but equally beneficial for all age groups. 12 clinically proven ingredients had helped prime male deliver quick results giving an edge over its competitors.  Prime male is exclusively formulated keeping males in mind and might not help in decreased libido in females.  Feel free to check prime male reviews to get the inside view of every pros and con. 

Who should use Prime Male?

Testosterone is associated with masculinity and secondary sexual characteristics like deep voice, facial and pubic hair, and muscle growth. Testosterone plays major roles inside the body and has the following functions:

  • Development of the penis and testes.
  • Deepening of the voice during puberty.
  • Appearance of facial and pubic hair.
  • Increase in Muscle size and strength
  • Increase in bone growth and strength
  • Libido and Sperm production.

Prime Male is a natural male enhancement pill formulated for older people. If you are over 30, you might have already started to experience low stamina, libido, and strength to perform day-to-day activities. Feeling unmotivated and exhausted all day. In fact, you are not alone; the average male loses 1% testosterone each year. Starting around 30, you could be high on testosterone, and by the time you turn 80, half of the testosterone might be gone.

Lifestyle and food play a major role in defining your health. An unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits can lead to illness and many improper metabolic activities inside your body. Stress and a busy lifestyle are the major cause of low testosterone in men. Prime male testosterone booster can assist you in fighting with major factors that adversely affect your testosterone levels like:

  • Unhealthy diet and Lifestyle
  • Lack of Physical exercise or workout
  • Good Sleep
  • Substance Abuse
  • Addiction towards technology

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Prime male testosterone booster is designed to take care of all your age-related slow metabolism that can hinder the production and circulation of testosterone. It posses all the ingredients that can boost your energy and enhance your testosterone production.

How Prime Male Works?

Prime Male is a testosterone booster that contains 12 unique ingredients that were in use for centuries for male enhancement. No other testosterone booster in the market even comes close to what prime male provides to his customers. All ingredients work together to provide optimal health solutions to a male.

As per claims, you will start to see changes inside your body within few weeks of consistent use of prime male. Most of the ingredients used in it are organic minerals and vitamins that naturally boost your testosterone production rather than treating you as if you are suffering from a disease. It gives you the best results possible when accompanied by a proper diet and workout.

Prime Male is a scientific formulation that targets the three main causes of low testosterone in men. Luteinizing hormone (LH), Sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG), Female hormones estrogen and prolactin.

Prime male testosterone booster is designed for a male over 30 to increase stamina, libido, and fat cutting abilities. It’s not a magic pill that will do wonders overnight. It would be best if you are consistent and regular with the prime male. Most of the natural supplements need consistency and time so that the results are sound and long-lasting.

Features to look for

·      Natural Ingredients:

The most important aspect to look for in a supplement is its ingredients used in its makeup. At the end, it’s all about the ingredients which will decide whether the supplement will have a positive impact on you or not. Prime male ingredients are clinically studied ingredients that are linked to testosterone booster.

While some T-boosters contain ingredients too small to do any good and some contain too large mega dosages of similar cheap ingredients, Prime Male testosterone booster contains the optimal dosage of each ingredient in the form of pills. One should never go for a supplement that doesn’t list all its ingredients and composition on its web page.

·      Pricing & Guarantee:

The price at which you buy a supplement must be affordable. A solid T-booster supplement should range between $60-80 per bottle, with the exception in case of some supplements. Supplements priced higher are looking to price gouging their customers. On the other hand, products with low price than this range are often ineffective, under-dosed, and contain low-grade ingredients other than indicated on their label. A bottle of prime male will cost you only $69 and has potent ingredients in correct amount.

You also want to make sure the supplement company provides you a money-back guarantee of at least 2 months. During this period, if you feel that the product cannot deliver what you are looking for, you can have your money back. Prime male manufacturer gives you a 90-day money-back guarantee to try and experience a life of a 20-year boy.

·      Company Reputation:

The supplement industry is a huge market, and most companies look to make quick money without regard for their customer’s health and supplement’s effectiveness. It’s important to examine the background of the company. Prime Male is created by a UK-based multinational manufacturing firm that focuses on natural health and body science. Roar Ambition Ltd., the prime male testosterone booster manufacturer, is a pioneer company in producing advanced natural health supplements based on its top-notch, scientifically driven formulations.

·      Customer Reviews:

When you want to evaluate any supplement, its customer reviews can really help you. What kind of experience did customers have with a prime male? Did they boost testosterone for them? Were there any side effects? Before buying prime male, you should look into various prime male reviews available online.

Prime male reviews can help answer all your questions in one place by looking into the actual experience that many customers had word-wide. If most customers you found on prime male reviews were happy, then the product definitely worth a try.

Prime Male T-booster Ingredients

Each testosterone booster supplement’s performance and credibility depend on the ingredients used in the blend. Prime Male is a scientific formulation completely based on natural ingredients and their testosterone-boosting abilities. You can check reviews of prime male for more details on ingredients. All 12 ingredients used inside prime male are clinically proven and enhance your natural ability to produce testosterone inside the body without any side effects.

·      D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate (D-AA-CC):

D-Aspartic acid Calcium chelate is common among today’s testosterone boosters and helps induce the release of growth hormone and luteinizing hormone. Prime male can lead you to the natural production of testosterone by releasing the amino acids responsible for the synthesis and release of hormones from the testes. Prime Male T-booster uses D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate, which is regarded as the best bioavailable form of DAA.

·      BioPerine:

Bioperine increases the absorption ability of ingredients inside your body. It makes sure that all the nutrients in the Prime Male supplement are completely absorbed and utilize. It is an excellent natural bioavailability of enhancer. The piperine from Bioperine is extracted for its ability to increase its availability by twenty times higher and restore the body’s natural testosterone levels.

·      Boron:

Boron is a mineral that assists you with several body functions like bone growth, inflammation, and estrogen reduction enabling your body to release free testosterone. In one study, it increases T-levels by 28% for men who took Boron daily for one week. In Prime Male, it increases the bioavailability and half-life of vitamin D and other sex hormones.

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·      Korean Red Ginseng 4:1 extract:

Korean red ginseng is used worldwide due to its ability to fight erectile dysfunction (ED)and increase sex drive. It is a Korean natural herb that offers an array of health benefits along with testosterone enhancement. Red ginseng in prime male boosts immunity, improves erectile function, increases energy, and is a potent antioxidant that fights all your free radicals.

·      Luteolin:

Luteolin focuses on suppressing the growth of estrogen levels in your body. You might be aware of the fact that high estrogen in men can easily plump breasts and erectile dysfunction. Luteolin is a flavonoid found in a few vegetables and fruits and is used as a typical estrogen suppressor in prime male.

·      Nettle Root:

Nettle root works to releases the testosterone levels inside the body by freeing more testosterone levels in the body tied up in SHBGs. Prime male emphasizes the use of nettle root, which is more potent than any other ingredient in suppressing estrogen.

·      Mucuna Pruriens:

Prime Male protects you from cell damage and relieves tension and stress. Mucuna pruriens, popularly known as velvet beans, is a well-known source of dopamine. Dopamine is associated with pleasure, motivation, and reduction of stress and tension, allowing the rise of T-levels and sperm inside the body.

·      Magnesium:

Magnesium frees the testosterone from SHBGs inside your body. Prime Male testosterone booster can decrease the wastage of testosterone by 60% in your body through magnesium by reducing the binding of sex hormones with globulin.

·      Vitamin B6:

Vitamin B6 is an effective zinc and magnesium absorber. A person with low levels of vitamin B6 in their body has shown to have double the risk of getting heart disease. B6 in prime male stimulates the receptors to produce T-hormones.

·      Vitamin D3:

World in which we live today, it’s hard to find time to spend outside and have a sunbathe. Most people spend their time indoors and found themselves deficient in Vitamin D. Vitamin D3 helps in the regulation of both estrogen and estrogen.

·      Vitamin K2:

Vitamin K2 not only works as a testosterone booster but helps in the synthesis of Vitamin D3. The vitamin K2 inside Prime Male is known as Menaquinone and is responsible for the enhancement of testosterone.

·      Zinc:

Zinc works as the building block for your testosterone. A slight drop in zinc inside your body can greatly affect your testosterone production abilities. This is a key mineral that affects many health processes and body functions.

Benefits of Using Prime Male T-booster Supplement

·      Increased Testosterone Production:

Natural ingredients like DAACC, Nettle root, Mucuna Pruriens, and luteolin in the prime male focus on increasing the testosterone levels in the body. Prime Male inhibiting SBHG from attaching to testosterone and reduce the aromatization of androgens.

·      Boosts Mood  and Cognitive Functions:

Prime male testosterone booster works to reduce fatigue and elevates your mood. It’s regular intake can vanish the excess mood swing hormones, and you are to feel more positive and full of energy. It helps in mental clarity and better concentration.

·      Prime Male Improves Libido

Prime male supplement enhances libido and your sexual performance in bed. Testosterone is responsible for triggering sexual desire. The more testosterone you have more you will think of sex, and your desire will be strong.

·      Builds Lean Muscle

Testosterone is an excellent energy booster. Higher testosterone means higher energy and quick metabolism that helps in quick muscle gain. High testosterone allows your body to burn fat and maintain lean, healthy, and strong muscles.

·      Stronger Bones:

Loss of bone density in older people is mainly due to testosterone deficiency. Prime male regulates free testosterone and estradiol levels which are responsible for bone density. Androgen binds to androgen receptors which increase bone formation cells.

·      Clears Mind:

Prime male takes care of your cognitive ability to fight fatigue and exhaustion. Once you eliminate your exhaustion and fatigue, your mind automatically regains attention and focus.

·      Prime Male Delays Aging:

Prime male ingredients supply an abundant amount of antioxidants that fight against damage caused by free radicals. Aging is an inevitable process but can be slow down using proper food and supplements. You don’t have to look old just because some years have gone by.

·      Improve Cardiovascular Health and Blood Sugar Levels:

The presence of the right amount of testosterone in the body regulates each function properly and slows down the aging process and, with that, stress on different organs like the heart. Ingredients like piperine, ashwagandha, and Korean ginseng in prime male improve the metabolism of blood sugars.

Prime Male: Advantages and Disadvantages

Prime Male is a natural male enhancement supplement that not only boosts testosterone in the body but looks to fix its cause. Thousands of folks with real experience out there are testifying supplement claims through positive prime male reviews. There have been some adverse side effects, which are mild and last for few days, but we mostly found it positive on our analysis.

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  • Balances testosterone naturally
  • Boost libido
  • Build lean muscle mass
  • Help burn stubborn fat
  • Enhances confidence and improves mood
  • Boosts energy and stamina
  • All-natural and 100% organic ingredients
  • Enhances cognitive functions


  • Prime Male is available on the official site only
  • Some customers find Prime Male a bit pricey

Does Prime Male Have Side Effects?

According to Roar Ambition Ltd. and most of the prime male reviews available online, prime male supplement has no documented side effects. The supplement is made from 12 well-known natural ingredients clinically approved by the FDA for use as an ingredient in supplements. You can check other reviews on prime male for details regarding safety and precautions. The ingredients are grown and extracted organically without any use of synthetic chemicals and additives.

However, some mild symptoms of prime male can be seen in some individuals that last for few days from the beginning of taking it.

  • Mild headaches
  • Diarrhea
  • Mood swings
  • Stomach upset

Prime Male Dosage

Prime Male is a natural supplement, and you need to simply digest 4 pills per day with a glass of water. Each bottle of a prime male is a month-long supply with 120 pills. The golden rule, i.e., read the label for ingredients and instruction carefully and store it in a cool and dry place away from child and sunlight.

You are advised not to take the pills on an empty stomach. No special restriction on a diet regarding the prime male is instructed. However, you should consult your physician before adding it to your regular diet to make sure everything goes well. Be consistent and regular with prime male testosterone booster and let the red magic pill do its magic.

Who Should Refrain from Using Prime Male?

Being a natural-based supplement, it’s quite safe for everyone. It’s better to consult your doctor as they know your exact health condition before using it.

  • Women should not use prime male as they don’t need testosterone
  • Men under 30 with pre-medical condition

Prime Male Pricing and Where to Buy

Prime male charges a very reasonable price for putting together all 12 high-demand natural ingredients in a single pill. To maintain the quality of the supplement and debar the scammer from putting a look-alike product in the market, Roar Ambition Ltd sells the supplement directly to its customer through the official website. Its isn’t avail on GNC Or Amazon.

Over the official website of prime male, you can find many deals and discounts that allow you to buy the supplement even cheaper than what it quotes. Prime male reviews over the official website will give you a true understanding of its effectiveness and value for money.

Prime Male Pricing:

1 Month Supply of Prime costs $69

2 Month Supply of Prime costs $138

4 Month Supply of Prime costs $207


Prime Male Shipping and Return Policy

Prime male ships worldwide from UK & USA charging a small fee on one month’s supply. If you place an order for 2 month supply, you don’t have to pay anything if you live in UK & USA. 4 month supply is shipped free across the globe. You can return the bottle if you found any mishandling with the bottle or seal is open.

Prime Male Money-Back Guarantee

Prime Male comes with a 90-day buyback guarantee. A money-back guarantee allows you to try and realize whether it’s effective for you or not. Roar Ambition Ltd. gives you an effectiveness guarantee by providing you with a 90-day money-back guarantee. It’s quite possible that prime male fails to deliver any results to you. It could happen to any drugs as we all have different physique and lifestyle and with that impact of ingredients on us.

If anything does not go well and the prime male T-booster supplement and its fails to deliver the desire results, you don’t need to feel scammed. The company does as it says, 100% satisfaction or full refund right back into your account. No questions asked; send your empty bottle back to the company to get your refund.

Conclusion: Should You Go for Prime Male Testosterone Booster?

Before counting on any testosterone booster to enhance your libido and sex life, you must figure your goals so that you can choose a T-booster supplement accordingly. The prime male is among the top choice if anyone seeks to boost his low testosterone. Prime male is an excellent libido, endurance, and stamina elevator.

Prime male is an all-natural blend and has no side effects with long-lasting benefits. It can help you against tiredness, worn out, and running out of energy. It is well known to facilitate rapid muscle growth, mitigates mood swings, and forestall erectile dysfunction.

You can also check other best testosterone boosters like Testogen etc. Here is an in-depth Testogen review; you should read.

One thing should always be kept in mind that it is no magical pill and can’t turn your testosterone level upside down overnight. Prime male testosterone booster can help you to an extent and gives the best results when accompanied by good food and a healthy lifestyle.

I hope this Prime Male review will help you with all your queries and help you choose the best testosterone booster for you. I will personally recommend Prime Male to each one who always has a deep desire to give full pleasure to his partner by digging deep inside her. If it doesn’t stand on your expectation, a prime male money-back guarantee always got your back.

FAQs: Frequently Questions & Answers

Q: Does Prime Male actually work?

A: Prime male contains 12 of the most potent ingredients used in testosterone booster supplement industries. All these natural ingredients are clinically proven to boost testosterone by supplying the required nutrients to the body. If it doesn’t work for you, it provides a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Q: Is Prime Male Safe?

A: According to the manufacturer and most prime male reviews available online, prime male supplement is a natural formula and has no documented side effects. The supplement is made from 12 well-known natural ingredients clinically approved by the FDA for use as an ingredient in supplements. The supplement is manufactured following Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) in FDA-approved facilities.

Q: Can I take prime male on an empty stomach?

A: No, it is advised to take the prime male T-booster after breakfast and in regular intervals 4 times a day with a glass of water for best results. For any supplement, consistency is important. Try note to skip any dose and maintain a good lifestyle with healthy food.

Q: How long does it take prime male to work?

A: As you swallow a Prime male capsule, it starts its work. It is highly soluble in your body, meaning the body will absorb it better without upsetting the stomach. One can start seeing changes in his body from the very first day. Increase energy and stamina, good mood, and low fatigue are the signs that it’s working on you.

Q: Can Prime Male pills increase penis size?

A: No clear evidence is available whether prime male enhancement pills can enlarge your penis size. But for one thing, you can dam sure that its regular use will give back all your years passed and will you feel like you are in your 20s’. Strong desire for sex, increased libido,  will, and stamina to perform in bed are out of this world.

Q: Can I buy Prime Male From GNC or Amazon ?

A: No you cannot buy it from Gnc or Amazon. It is only available through its official website. We have also added special discount link of Prime male. This will allow avail huge discount on the product purchased.

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