POTUS overload, L.A? President Clinton is visiting Los Angeles Friday to whip up support for gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown.

Then President Obama is back in town the next Friday raise funds for U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer, who's defending her seat.

After the Secret Service-induced traffic implosion created by Obama's Westside visit in August, can we take any more of this presidential tyranny?

We're not exactly sure yet where Obama's Oct. 22 gig will be, but you can rest assured we will not be within miles (even if we could get there).

His August romp through the Westside, Beverly Hills and Hancock Park had uppity Angelenos — even the ones proud to display Obama/Biden stickers on their Priuses — fuming, with even the do-nothing L.A City Council weighing with possible measures to cut the madness next time.

Well guess what … he's back!

We've had plenty of presidential visits in years past, and we even gave Washington a few commanders in chief (you can pat yourselves on the back after the government cheese finally goes bad).

But something changed with Obama. Here's out theory: With terrorism reaching new highs and, frankly, threats against Obama likely through the roof, the Secret Service has been extra cautious.

Therefore miles of street were closed down — we witnessed an Olympic Boulevard DMZ during Obama's visit — last minute, so the bad guys couldn't get a read on the prez's whereabouts.

What's more we noticed his motorcade had a lineup of same-looking black SUVs and white Ford vans, with nary a limo in sight. You couldn't tell which vehicle the president was in.

But still, ripping up the L.A. street map last-minute like that is hard on a car-dependent city like this one.

As for Clinton's visit Friday — he's speaking at UCLA in the early evening — well' stay away from Westwood too. But we assume there won't be the kind of map-rearranging that happens when Obama's in town.

Let's hope.

LA Weekly