Obama loves us, he really does. Is it our medical marijuana, which he basically refuses to recognize? Nah. Is it our angry white guys on AM radio who adore his every move? Um. Probably not. Maybe it's all those Latino voters who were promised immigration reform (and still haven't seen it)? Ay don't think so.

Nope. You know why Mr. President is in town.

You guessed it: Cash.

Despite our high unemployment, bumbling, business-unfriendly City Hall and third-world-quality boulevards, L.A. still has plenty of rich people — more than almost any other place in the U.S.A.

And so, in the scoop of the week, The Hollywood Reporter says President Obama will come back to the West Coast Sept. 26 for a pair of fund-raisers.

Remember, he's going to face one of those Republican characters in next year's election. Obama needs a war chest.

The cover charge for his 4:30 p.m. event at the House of Blues in West Hollywood: $250 and up. (And neighbors say they were getting tired of the riffraff at the club. Just wait till they face the Secret Service). Later that night it'll cost you $35k for a plus-one to the next event at Fig & Olive restaurant downtown.

And the prez isn't even spinning. We hope it at least comes with bottle service.

Have fun in L.A., President Obama. Fall is a great time of year here. Just take our advice. Don't do as the Republicans did and take the festivities into the realm of leather and lace. Avoid a club called Voyeur.

Trust us.


LA Weekly