“Elvis has left the building,” crackled the walkie-talkie. It was 17 minutes after a strike force of seven (including four lookouts and one ground-support crew member — read: ladder holder) began their ascent up the Resident Evil billboard at the corner of Pico and Centinela before daybreak Saturday morning. Their goal: attempt to shift the power imbalance that limits access to one of the world’s largest mediums of public expression. Their weapons: the letter “P,” 2 feet tall, and a big picture of President Bush’s face. The result: one new “President Evil” billboard with Milla Jovovich’s head replaced with a mug of our commander in chief. The remainder of the night was devoted to the simpler, yet no less satisfying, task of “improving” bus-stop versions of the same movie poster until the purpling sky and dwindling supply of paper Bush heads told the team it was time to go home.

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