“I’m explosive,” vocalist Myriad Slits warns at the outset of ModPods’ new video for “Weepies,” from the L.A. trio’s album No Strut. As Ms. Slits lights the fuse of her own incendiary lyrics, Daniel Guzman sends out foghorn signals on bass while Mindee Jorgensen sets up a clattering post-punk racket of ominous tom-toms and snare drum.

The mood of tension that ModPods build up does indeed invoke the feeling of something explosive about to happen. “We are useless in their eyes/We will never compromise,” Slits declares boldly. The track is sinuously rhythmic, with Jorgensen’s elaborate jungle-gym architecture of drums and Guzman’s dramatic bass plunges framing Slits’ simmering melodies in a most hypnotic fashion. “Weepies” is both unsettling and uplifting.

LA Weekly