Los Angeles–based psych-rock band Ecstatic Union came into existence six years ago when frontman Rex Costello wanted to concoct a solo acoustic folk-rock project. Things evolved quickly, and he found a number of creatively compatible individuals. The sound developed a garage-rock edge, and here we are.

The new single, “Neurons,” is from the EP of the same name, and the band say they wrote it immdiately after concluding their 2017 tour.

“My intention for the song was really just to create a captivating and powerful, high-energy intro tune that would command the crowd's attention and be fun to play live,” Costello says. “I named the track ‘Neurons’ based on a recorded quote by the late, great Terence McKenna, which is sampled in the song during the half-time break-down, in which, after describing of the process of cyclic molecular regeneration, he climactically states, 'The neurons that you’re born with are the neurons that you die with.' I’d say the lyrical synopsis of the song is basically an ode or declaration of intention to connect with the energy of life in a sensual and ecstatic way.”

Hear it here:

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