Buena Park Police are reportedly examining a car, found in the parking lot of the West Hollywood Trader Joe's, as possibly belonging to murdered model Jasmine Fiore. Fiore was strangled late last Friday night and her teeth extracted and fingers cut off, before her corpse was stuffed into a suitcase and dropped into a Buena Park Dumpster. The crime's only suspect, reality TV-show contestant Ryan Jenkins, was found hanged in a British Columbia, Canada, motel Sunday afternoon.

Despite this apparent act of closure, several mysteries have remained: What happened to Fiore's car? Did Jenkins have an accomplice in the gruesome homicide he allegedly committed? Who was the woman reportedly seen dropping off Jenkins at his final destination, the Thunderbird Motel?

Given that Fiore lived on West Hollywood's Edinburgh Avenue, the discovery of her car at Trader Joe's would be no surprise. The Associated Press says

the Buena Park authorities received a tip on a white Mercedes Benz,

which was guarded by the L.A. Sheriff's Department until it was towed

away.  Meanwhile, yesterday there had been speculation that an

ex-girlfriend of Jenkins' had registered the Thunderbird room for him.

Earlier today there was news that the silver PT Cruiser reportedly seen

driven by a woman matched the description of one owned by Jenkins'

father. Now, it's been announced, the car has been found at the Vancouver

condo of Jenkins' half-sister, Alena.

The Vancouver Sun reports locating a car, with Alberta license plates, that matches the one seen dropping off Jenkins at the Thunderbird Motel. According to Associated Press,

“Royal Canadian Mounted Police Cpl. Norm Massie declined to say

Wednesday whether Alena Jenkins is the mystery woman who checked

Jenkins into a motel in Hope, British Columbia, three days before he

was found dead in his room Sunday of an apparent suicide.”

LA Weekly