Venice Beach Slam Team

“None of us killed each other,” brags Jeffrey McDaniel about the Venice Beach Slam Team's 17-day tour of the Southwest in August. Despite being attacked by a swarm of locustlike flying insects in Texas, the Slam Team (a.k.a. “Spoken Rodeo”) bedazzled and delighted the ornery rubes at many hot, dusty taverns and coffeehouses with spoken words, music and carny trickery dished out by forensics champ Derrick Brown, actor-comedian June Melby, Clear lead singer Matthew Niblock, and poets Ellyn Maybe (The Cowardice of Amnesia) and McDaniel (The Forgiveness Parade). (Falling James)

photography by ALDO MAURO

Zack de la Rocha

photography by TED SOQUI

LA Weekly