Zack de la Rocha

Amongst the faux-alternative poseurs of the counterculture, Rage Against the Machine vocalist and songwriter Zack de la Rocha stands alone as an immensely popular artist who actually counters the culture. The 28-year-old Angeleno made his fourth trip this past June to Chiapas to meet with impoverished Indians, co-organized Highland Park's Popular Resource Center, which serves low-income community needs, and co-produced the Spitfire spoken-word tour. (Michael Simmons)

photography by TED SOQUI

Penelope Lombard

She's a dry one, that Penelope. Just listen to her critique movies she's never seen (“If you're going to be the enemy of the state, don't look so suspicious — at least smile for the camera”). As co-founder (with Cathryn Michon) of The Grrl Genius Club, which performs monthly at the Improv, in '99 she'll take her self-aggrandizing gang back to New York for an encore. All of which benefits Caring For Babies With AIDS — a genius idea. (Libby Molyneaux)

photography by MICHAEL POWERS

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