Porsh Bet$ Soaks in November Rain: NOT the Guns N’ Roses power-ballad of the same name. This summer slammer from Harlem native Porsh Bet$, recorded in L.A., does have a bit of a rock & roll crunch embedded in the R&B swing though.

“The song is my perspective of trying to console someone during the last days of a summer relationship by saying that even though seasons change, the sun will come out again,” Bet$ said via a press release. “I feel could relate to any type of situation that’s coming to an end whether that’s a friendship or time period in your life. Nothing lasts forever but realizing it’s not the end of the world helps.”

“So when the leaves fall off and the seasons change, Hope your feelings stay the same, Cuz the sun comes up and this song goes down, Everything just fades away,” he croons over a mildly muffled beat and some quirky noises.

Meanwhile the video is a continuation of the story which began with the “Whatever” single. “A once listless Porsh finds a connection with a mysterious girl via a glowing red suitcase, contents unknown,” reads the press release.

It’s a fascinating listen and watch. Check it out below.

Porsh Bet$ Soaks in November Rain: The “November Rain” single is out now.

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