Today is the day that L.A. county's mandatory condoms-for-porn rule takes effect.

Who's going to be the first adult star to roll one on?!

Crickets. Yeah: We have a feeling that the industry, which fought this November voter initiative tooth-and-nail, isn't going to be quick to comply. The real question is:

Who's going to be first go get fined for not using a condom?

The new rule, which got your approval when you voted for ballot measure B, says that producers must get permits before shooting in almost all L.A. county cities (Long Beach, Pasadena and Vernon are excepted).

Under those permits, they're supposed to vow that condoms will be used for vaginal and anal sex scenes. (Yeah, we just said that).

But … condoms are really already the rule under state law. And porn has pretty much ignored that. The industry says consumers won't buy condom porn and that its monthly to semimonthly STD testing for performers works.

We'll see.

In the meantime, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which spearheaded the initiative, is gloating. And, in response to the industry's threat to sue over the law, the group says bring it on.

Michael Weinstein, the group's president:

… Remarkable: the fact that over 1.6 million Angelenos voted in favor safer sex by casting ballots for Measure B, as simply and as straightforward as if it was a water bond or tax measure they were voting on. This is a major step forward in normalizing safer sex and condom use as well as ensuring worker safety for the adult performers in this industry. We encourage County officials and the industry to now work together to see how they may best implement and comply with this new law.

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