The porn industry says its production shutdown at the hands of a syphilis scare could last two weeks as all performers are treated, but one expert says it could last longer.

Attorney Michael Fattorosi says that, in light of a major syphilis outbreak in the European industry, the closure could happen for 90 days — the time it takes for syphilis tests to come up, well, positively negative.

He blogs:

If the United States' outbreak is anything like the outbreak in Europe, the industry might have to close for another 60-90 days. Also, some performers that have refused the penicillin shot will certainly have to wait 90 days to resume work.

Porn star Rocco Sifrfredi told XBIZ news over the weekend that European porn is undergoing a shutdown of unknown duration as a result of as many as 100 performers there turning up positive for syphilis.

Mr. Marcus admitted being patient zero in L.A. porn's syphilis scare.; Credit:

Mr. Marcus admitted being patient zero in L.A. porn's syphilis scare.; Credit:

In L.A., the worst estimates so far, those coming from the L.A. County health department, say about 9 people associated with the industry have tested positive for the disease.

And, to be sure, the industry will do its best to make this a two-week speed bump on its route to riches.

Fattorosi says even the current stoppage, which appeared to start Aug. 20, hasn't stopped some in the industry from doing their thing:

Unfortunately, many performers within the Los Angeles industry continue to work despite the moratorium. I even heard that one male talent has said that the syphilis outbreak has been a “goldmine” for him since he was one of the few male performers still willing to work. I have also heard reports of agents continuing to book talent for scenes and even charging them “kill fees” for refusing to perform. Which obviously means there are at least a handful of companies that are still producing.

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