Until yesterday, the most common keywords on Google linked to Bob Dylan were probably words like folk singer, blues, and songwriter. Now the words are “poo,” “defecation” (New York Magazine),” “crap” (TMZ), “stinky” (Hollywood Rag), and “stank” (Celebitchy).

One thing the non-Malibu crowd should remember is that the very rich and famous who live in the incredibly long (27 miles) and slim beach-side city that fronts the Pacific Ocean for its full length do exactly as they please.

Jerry Perenchio, the Univision television billionaire, had a secret and illegal golf course installed behind huge rock walls — smack in the middle of tiny downtown Malibu. As I have reported in the past, Perenchio's pitch-and-putt was a secret joke among rich insiders in Malibu, done behind the backs of the California Coastal Commission.

Dylan was causing an actual stink near his vast estate on Point Dume, but Perenchio got caught, in a hilarious twist, when his golf course was revealed by those wonderful aerial photos taken by Kenneth Adelman of every inch of the California coast. Check out the secret golf course here.

It's not yet known how or whether the Dylan dustup will be resolved, but in the case of Perenchio, he was rewarded: The California Coastal Commission handed the billionaire a “permit after the fact” and Perenchio agreed to make some of the land into a park after his death.

CurbedLA is arguing that, hey, he's Dylan and needs our understanding, as are several commenters at LAist.com. Maybe Dylan, too, can leave his controversial facility to the public in his will.

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