You have to admire the owners of POM Wonderful, the pomegranate juice maker that claims its product can prevent or treat heart disease, prostate cancer, and erectile dysfunction:

A week after being slapped with a federal complaint alleging its claims are as lame as your penis will still be after drinking the dark-cherry colored elixir, the company is rolling out a ad campaign that suggests pomegranate juice is an aphrodisiac that might have been used by Eve to tempt Adam.

Adam was supposed to have lived 930 years, according to biblical lore, so he probably could have used any sexual enhancements available at the time, including a heart defibrillator.

It'll be interesting to see the U.S. Federal Trade Commission try to battle this one. They'd have to get absolutely biblical.

The FTC, however, directly refutes POM's claims that it can treat erectile dysfunction.

POM is controlled by Stewart and Lynda Resnick and Matthew Tupper. The billionaire Resnicks are known for their Resnick Pavillion at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, made possible by a $45 million cash donation by the couple.

They're also big Democratic contributors, with cash having gone to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, former Gov. Gray Davis and others.

Asked if she really believes this juice can improve bedroom performance, Lynda Resnick told USA Today “I certainly believe it does.”

We don't believe it. If it was indeed Eve who seduced Adam, it likely would have been with pizza and beer. The other way around? Kate Spade handbags and vodka.

In any case, if the frat boys hear about this you can expect a whole new market for POM.

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