The Beatles
Please Please Me (Parlophone)
Please Please 3LH: Favian Vega of SoCal garage punks 3LH told us about his love for a Beatles classic.


Favian Vega: There are so many amazing albums that drive and inspire us, but I think at the moment The Beatles’ debut album Please Please Metakes the win.
It’s a well crafted record that combines the grit of blues and catchy-easy to listen to sounds of doo-wop; doused with piercing vocals and clean cut harmonies with melodies that find themselves trapped in your head. This album expresses itself flawlessly starting with the energy filled count-in during “Saw Her Standing There” to the haunting strum of chords in “Do You Want To Know A Secret”. The confidence in what they play is felt in every song  and you can’t help but sing along and feel the emotions they’re trying to convey. Whether it be their rock n roll attitude being translated through the way they scream right before a guitar solo or agony as they sing to the point of almost yelling. This record brings out a sense of groove to the sadness, a sort of cheerful heartbreak showing that it’s not the end of the world while continuing to be lovey dovey and optimistic with that rock n roll attitude.
These songs will make you dance no matter what; whether it be in a room alone, with a partner under the moonlight, or with friends, it doesn’t fail to put you in the mood all thanks to its catchy sounds, howling harmonies and beautifully piercing vocals acting like a lead guitar at times. These sounds have been subconsciously embedded into the way we in 3LH play and create music. The tone found in Please Please Me can also be found in our upcoming debut album Silver Dream Road.
Please Please 3LH: 3LH’s debut album Silver Dream Road is out in May, Friday the 13th.

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