The Beatles

Revolver (Parlophone)

Paper Citizen Recalls the Beatles: LGBTQ+ indie rock artist Paper Citizen told us about her love for a Beatles classic, as we premiere her Wandering Ghost album.

Paper Citizen: I love the songs in this album from start to finish and know all the words to them. It makes me dance, sing and cry. Sometimes all at once. The Beatles really took off with the idea of using the recording studio as a musical instrument, incorporating the use of synthesis, overdubbing, tape edits and audio signal processing to create a special auditory experience that one could listen to over and over again.



The 14 songs are all short numbers three mins or less, concise, impactful and you never quite get enough of each one. It’s also really cool that the all four band members contributed to the writing of the songs in the album. Everything in this studio album dabbles with experimental production and engineering techniques that were unchartered at the time, encouraging the Beatles to lean towards manipulating recorded instruments/sounds (for example, reversing their tape or doubling them, possibly both) in a way that would change the way they sounded live. Combined with slick arrangements and intricate orchestration, this album is so incredibly ear-wormy and unique. Revolver has been and continues to be a big influence for my love for songwriting and music production!

Paper Citizen Recalls the Beatles: The Wandering Ghost EP is out now.

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